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ABOUT OUR CITY TOUR - Rostock, the Hanseatic city on the Baltic coast, founded in 1218, is picturesquely situated directly at the mouth of the river Warnow. With its historic center and its ancient buildings from the time of the Hanseatic League, the city offers various attractions. Amongst them are historic churches as well as the university, which was founded in 1419. During our Rostock city tour, which is accompanied by an experienced guide, we offer exciting hours aboard our historic bus. We will take you to the most important places of the city's history while leaving you enough time to see everything and soak it up. For further questions please feel free to contact our tour guide or staff at any time. We will be delighted to introduce you to the history of our home town and look forward to welcoming you in order to present Rostock at its best, always paired with little anecdotes from 800 years of city history. Thus, let us take you on our "Rostock City Tour".

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